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The most comprehensive programme in motors and fans throughout the world.
Here you can get information about our latest products and products of the categories compact fans, fans, blowers, motors and pumps. We also show you which products are mainly used in your industries.

New products

ebm-papst would not be ebm-papst if we were not constantly striving to optimize our products and advance their development. Get information about our newest products.

Compact fans

ebm-papst compact fans have been the standard in electronics cooling for decades. Compact, quiet and highly efficient, they adapt to the cooling situation and can be intelligently networked to the device logic. They are available for all voltages and in all standard sizes.


In the fan category, we offer product ranges from axial and centrifugal to tangential fans. Using external rotor motors provides a space-saving fan unit.


In the blower category, we offer product ranges from centrifugal and hot-air to gas blowers. Unlike fans, blowers require spiral housing.


In both large-scale production and customer-specific custom solutions, ebm-papst has been the system supplier for small and industrial motors for decades. From AC or DC motors to electronically commutated drives, as external or internal rotor motors, all the way to the complete drive system with gearbox, sensors and operating electronics.


Whether for beverage tapping units, washing machines, condensing clothes dryers or other industrial applications: the ebm-papst production range includes special pumps for specific and defined application areas.

Overview of industries

To give you the highest level of service, we involve ourselves in depth with your industry, its basic conditions and areas of potential. Our objective after all is to stay attuned to trends, recognize demand and thus to be successful along with you. You can see what we have achieved together with our customers in various industries by taking a look at our real-world customer references.

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