Welcome to ebm-papst Belarus

Welcome in a world of air technologies, in the world of ebm-papst. Adhere to reasonable approach in matters of ventilation, we make technical innovations accessible and suggest to Belarusian industrial manufacturer better decisions in the area of innovation and reliability, which are built on the integration of motor technics, technical aerodynamics and electronics. Here you will find the information about unique application range of our products.

ebm-papst Belarus team.
ebm-papst Belarus team.

Our presence practically in every corner of the globe allows us to be always closer to our customers, their market and their requirements. Since September 2005 in the Republic of Belarus was opened subsidiary of ebm-papst in Мinsk under the name ebm-papst Bel AGmbH. At the subsidiary work 8 persons. Comprehensive service satisfy all the requirements of our customers. We watch closely the process of the application of our products. All the relations with the customer are built on the cooperation, partnership, regular exchanging of the information, experience sharing. In order to solve all individual problem in the shortest possible time we use advanced technologies in the world of information and communication. However we give all the attention to maintain personal contact in order to establish long-lasting relations.

Current topic

  • Climate protection that pays off.

    How are we able to do it? Because GreenTech stands for a conviction that has grown over several decades. You are sure to find it equally convincing.

  • New benchmark

    A great step for the environment – and your wallet: our hybrid innovation, HyBlade.

  • Heat pump champion.

    Whether energy efficiency, noise reduction or reliability: in all respects, the RadiCal is the first to cross the finish line.

  • Smart module.

    ECI63 is the name of our modular system, with which you can implement any individual drive solution. Less evolved modules can only look on in awe.

  • Power Beast!

    50-70 % higher air performance and pressure build-up, but as tame as a cat in terms of energy consumption and noise level: our new centrifugal blowers of t

  • The efficiency of the future – available already!

    ErP Directive demands high minimum efficiency ratings for fans.